Pizza do Padrinho

Buy 3 large pizzas and get a refreshing 1L or 1.5L drink on us! According to stock availability


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Avenida do Alentejo, 51
2900-385 Setúbal

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Our concept

Pizza do Padrinho brings you
the true Neapolitan handmade pizza,
whose dough is prepared using a unique technique.

The authentic Neapolitan hand-kneaded dough is prepared
with patience and passion for 24 up to 48 hours
to bring you unparalleled pleasure. You will be enjoying
a light, alveolate and crisp crust
with prime, fresh ingredients.

Pizza do Padrinho comes in a generous 31 cm format,
just like in Naples, ensuring a perfect balance
between the toppings’ flavour and the unmatched
quality of the crust.

The offer

Welcome to the offer you can’t refuse.
Choose your favourite pizza and then indulge yourself with
the drinks and the wonderful Parisian desserts in our menu.

Citron Meringuée

Once this pie melts in your mouth
it will delight your taste buds!


A luxurious dessert
you will probably
fall in love with.


L’Opéra is a
French pastry classic.
A refined dessert that
rises to your festive occasion!


The chef is French and was trained in Naples.

After having lived for some years in Australia and Brasil, where he started a family, he relocated to Portugal to bring us the best Neapolitan pizza.

His unique knowledge of his craft brings all the flavour of tradition to the true Neapolitan Pizza of a true chef.


What people are saying

95% of people who tried Pizza do Padrinho came back for more.


I really loved the pizzas.
The toppings are wonderful,
the crust is
top quality! Congratulations,
I wish you all the success.


The pizza was amazing.
I know where I’ll be going
to order the next one!


I’ve had the chance to
taste a lot of pizzas
but never any as fine
as Chef Jory’s.
An unforgettable burst
with each bite. I couldn’t
get enough.